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Rear View In The Headlights: Retro Looks For Less And How To Get Them

Classic cars all have design details that give away their vintage years, but that is why so many classic car collectors love them. For example, headlights are a dead giveaway to the age and era of a lot of cars. Headlights in the seventies were mostly round. Headlights in the eighties were very large, and very boxy, like rectangles and squares. Modern headlights do al

Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe From Rust

Rust can be a devastating problem for your vehicle to experience. When rust forms on the exterior of your car, you may find that it can be extremely expensive and difficult to repair. This makes prevention the more practical option for this issue. Regularly Wash The Vehicle Keeping the exterior of the vehicle clean is one of the more important and effective steps that

3 Benefits Of HID Headlights For Truck Owners

When enhancing your truck, an aspect that you should never overlook is the lighting. After all, this is what determines how clear you can see at night. There are many great lighting options for trucks, but it's hard to choose anything other than HID headlights. They provide many important benefits.  Improved Visibility  If you drive a lot at night, it's some

Features You May Want In Your Pop-Up Camper

If you know that you love camping, but setting up a tent is not for you, a pop-up camper can be a great compromise and way to enjoy the great outdoors with a few modern conveniences. There are lots of different features that your pop-up camper can come with, from a water heater to an air conditioner, so it is important to know what features you want before you start s

The Two Main Materials Floor Mats Are Made Out Of

If the floor mats in your vehicle are getting old and you want to upgrade them in order to keep everything neat and tidy, you need to know what type of floor mat material you want in your vehicle. Whether you're buying Corvette floor mats or other varieties, there are options. The two primary types of floor mat material are rubber floor mats or carpet floor mats. Both